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Flux Out Systems

Welcome to Fluxout Systems. This is the spot for those of you humans who like simulators and computers. Please come into my ship and feel at home? umm...
14164 of you who are still coming here?

...And the story goes like this:.
Computers have been in my life since 1973. The first computer on my hands was a Texas Instruments scientific calculator that my father had. It was neat, red numbers glowed in the dark and it became really hot after a few computations. I did not get hands on a PC until Apple arrived at my private school when I was in 5th grade back in 1979/1980. Man! That was the future for me! I could make programs to calculate the most complicated math formula to a 5th grader! I could also make low res drawings and play the first games on it also. What a moment to be alive...hehehe...at least I thought so.



This is me: THX1138....ain't I pretty?
EXTRA CREDIT: Where did THX-1138 come from? umm...hint, it was used in 3 big Lucas films, can you name them?

THX1138 at his best!
FLUX OUT SYSTEMS is the best personalized service for you! Home-made computers to your liking.
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